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Celebrating The Journey

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I have had my fitness company, BODY BY SIMONE for over 10 years now. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday that I was sitting down, trying to think of branding ideas and a business name.

And other days it feels like a lifetime.

I was actually speaking on a podcast this week, and the host asked me a few questions that really made me look back and reflect on my journey. I think one of the key moments for me, was realizing, that I was so driven and focused, that often I forgot to actually stop, be present and appreciate all that I had done.

I was so busy trying to create and achieve that I didn’t stop to smell the roses.

I wanted to think on this some more, and dig deep to discover why it is human nature to always want more, and not be happy with exactly where we are.

For me I think growing up as a dancer, I was always working hard, trying to improve my skills, trying to work towards perfection. One thing I learnt along the way is that there is never perfection, especially in dance. You can always jump higher, turn faster and become more flexible. So I had to enjoy the moment, the feeling I had when I was on stage and when I was living in my light.

Perhaps it’s the idea that to be a successful person you always have to set goals and work to achieve them. Once you have ticked them off your list you set some more. Always progressing, always evolving. But when is enough enough? When do you ever stop? I think perhaps we never stop, but we learn to enjoy the process more.

If I could go back and tell my younger self something, it would be to celebrate myself more, be proud in the moment, and acknowledge the success.

So how do we teach that to our children, how do we remind ourselves to do that moving forward?

These are some steps I recommend to my clients when trying to be present in the moment. And of course, I must practice what I preach and do the same for myself.

  1. Rose and thorn: This is one of my favourites. At the end of every day, I ask you to choose your rose and your thorn. The rose is the highlight of the day, something that made you happy. The thorn is the low moment of your day, perhaps a disagreement with a loved one, something that upset you. Once you have done this and chosen both your rose and your thorn, I then ask you to either speak it out loud at the dinner table and share it with your loved ones. Or write it down in your journal and expand on how both these experiences made you feel.

  2. See it with your own eyes: If you are going to a live concert, watching a sunset or visiting a new city. Put your phone away. Instead of trying to capture it all on your camera, see it in person in real time, see it, feel it, be in the moment. Often when we live behind our camera’s we miss the actual special moment.

  3. Celebrate yourself: If you have set a goal for yourself and you achieve it, celebrate! Perhaps that is going out for a nice meal, having a glass of champagne, celebrating with your friends. Enjoy the win, be proud of yourself. Know that you worked hard towards something and you made it happen.

  4. Practice gratitude: Be thankful for all that you have, and your ability to do what you love. If others helped you on your journey, do not forget to stop and thank them for all that they contributed.

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