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Shifting Your Mindset

I can give anyone a workout program or meal plan. Some will succeed, others will not. Why is this I hear you ask?

The answer is blunt but simple, they do not put the work in. And what I mean by that, is the mental work and not just the physical.

Transforming your life is not just about losing some weight on the scales, it is about shifting your behaviour, patterns and mind set.

You must start to examine your every-day habits. By making small changes each day, these all add up to considerable adjustments in the coming weeks and months. Simple tasks like setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning to make time for self - care. Laying out your workout clothes the night before, so you literally step right into them. Preparing your meals the night before, so you make better food choices.

These all set you up for success. The more you carry out this behaviour, the more it starts to become habitual.

Shifting the mind-set is a lot more challenging than you may think. You must believe that you are worthy of change. It is important to silence the negative chatter in your head. I bet you are not even aware of the way you speak to yourself.

Start with these ideas. Change your negative thoughts to positive:

  • I have to exercise as much as possible becomes I get to find sustainable movement I enjoy.

  • I can’t have fun becomes I design a lifestyle that feels amazing.

  • I will never get there anyway becomes I deserve to feel my best.

  • I will have to deprive myself becomes I focus on what I am adding and gaining.

Make a list of all the negative words and phrases you say to yourself, and in the column next to them, reword them to make them positive. Then every time you catch yourself about to say something negative, stop yourself and choose from the positive list.

Keep me posted on your progress xx

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1 Comment

Deb Antonini
Deb Antonini
Oct 25, 2021

Your post hits home. I love the idea of rewording my negative self-talk! ❤️

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