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Finding Your Purpose

Have you found your purpose?

At the early age of 8 I knew what my first purpose was, to DANCE. I lived it, breathed it and it consumed me, in a good way. I knew that I wanted to dance professionally. And I did for 18 years.

I discovered my next purpose 10 years ago. I knew I wanted to help women be the best versions of themselves through exercise and movement. No longer was my purpose performing on stage, it had now shifted to acts of service. Finding ways to share my knowledge and tools.

One year ago, I discovered another purpose, I began working as a life coach. My focus is now not just on the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual. Helping women connect to their inner power and strength.

It’s funny, but I do believe my three purposes in life so far all align and have been a progression. Dancer, trainer, life coach. I am sharing this with you, as often people struggle to find their purpose. And struggle with what that even means.

I want to highlight to you, that your purpose can change many times over the years as you personally evolve. You may discover it at a young age, or find yourself at 40 searching for what that is. You can have more than one purpose in life.

I think we confuse the word purpose with a job. Yes your job gives you purpose to wake up each day and work hard, but your true purpose, is what makes you feel alive! What fills your soul and drives you.

Here are some questions I ask my clients, to help them discover what their purpose is. Try to answer these, write them down in your journal and take time to reflect on your answers.

  1. What is your passion?

  2. What brings you joy?

  3. What excites and motivates you?

  4. If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?

  5. If money was not an issue, how would you help people?

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