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Committing To Yourself

Are you happy and content in your career? Do you truly believe in yourself? Do you feel confident with your talents? Or are you constantly miserable in the work place, do you put yourself down and doubt your path?

When I work with my clients, I often ask them what they do for a living followed by what is their passion. Sometimes these both align. Most of the time however when I ask more details about their “dream job” the response is, “well I couldn’t be a director, or I am not really a writer”

And my response is “well why not?” Truth is we can really be anything we want to be if we put our minds to it. The only thing stopping us is our own fear and restrictions.

If you put in the work and truly commit, you will achieve.

Below are 5 key tips to help you shift your mindset about your career and work.

  1. Change your internal dialogue, from “I couldn’t be a entrepreneur to I AM A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR. Write it down on some cards and place them all around the house, in the car and in your purse. Now say it out loud several times a day. Who cares who hears you, just say it with conviction. The more you say it the more you start to believe it.

  2. Visualize it: See yourself in this new role, imagine what you are wearing, what your office or creative space looks like, smells like, feels like. Picture yourself happy and fulfilled and present. The more detailed you can be, the faster you will get there.

  3. Put in the work: You cannot learn a language in one session, so why would you think you could be a painter after one lesson? Make time each day to practice your craft. The only way we get better is by repetition and hard work.

  4. Be confident: When you start to believe that you are boss, then you act like one. People around you can sense this energy and will start to respect you as the leader.

  5. Commit 100%: Don’t start something and then stop as soon as you hit a roadblock. There will be many challenges along the way, do not let them get in the way of you fulfilling your dream, fight hard for it.

And remember, it is possible to do what you love and our passionate about, and make a great living. First you just need to discover what that is for you, then go ahead and make it a reality xx

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