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Who Says We Have To Get Old?

I had an “A ha” moment the other day. I realized that I still think I am 28! Ha!

I actually have this joke with my best girlfriends, for years whenever anyone asked us our age, we would say we were 28! I am now 46 soon to be 47 (OMG how is this possible).

I laughed to myself, as I still think I am this young hot fitness influencer posting my workouts on social media. I realized that the reality is, I am now a wife, Mother and business owner. The crazy thing is I do not feel my age, then I got to thinking.

Well what does age feel like? Should I look a certain way or act a certain way for my age group?

Should I no longer wear bra top and leggings when I work out? Is it weird that I take a selfie of myself? Can I still look and feel sexy in my leather pants? Take one look at Tiktok, and that is enough to make you feel old! I tried posting a few workout TikTok videos last year during COVID, and had a giggle. But I did hear myself saying “Oh that’s for the kids”

After much thinking on the topic, I called my 73-year-old Mum. Her words of wisdom, “well if you feel like that, imagine how I must feel!”(she too thinks she is still 28!)

The idea that our bodies change over time, our looks change, but our hearts, minds and souls still thirsty for knowledge and growth.

I had never really thought about aging before, I guess I was too busy living.

I came to the conclusion that I should not care what people think of me, or how they perceive me. The only opinion that matters is that of my own.

And if I feel young, then that is a great reminder to live every day and explore and continue to grow and share my gifts.

In last week’s blog, I asked you to spend a day without judgement, this week I ask you to spend a day without placing boundaries on yourself of what you should or should not be.

Don’t try and be who society says you should be.


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1 Comment

"Don’t try and be who society says you should be. "

Even if society tells you to be healthy, kind, considerate, responsible, to help others, to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life, to not be a bigot etc 🤔? Surely the issue here is discernment: we need to separate the worthwhile messages we receive from society (and regulate our behaviour accordingly) from nonsensical, arbitrary, unrealistic and harmful expectations especially those rooted in hatred or exploitative motives. If nothing else isn't it often the external signals from society that let us know when our behaviour is inappropriate or harmful (either to ourselves or to others) ?

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