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The Power Of Forgiveness

Do you find it difficult to forgive? Do you hang on to resentment and take a long time to let go of hurt and anger?

True forgiveness requires real work, and believe it or not, true forgiveness is about forgiving yourself first. You must acknowledge your part and chose to no longer give it any power.

How does this relate to your health and well-being I hear you ask?

Well, often when I work with clients, we start with forgiveness. Letting go of the past and choosing to move forward. Our aim is to remove these emotional blocks that have got in the way of operating at your true potential.

Often we feel stuck in the past, holding onto hurt, trying to find a reason why certain things happened in your life. We really need to examine this hurt and learn to let it go. It is almost impossible to focus on the now and look forward to your future when you are holding onto the past.

Have you thought about forgiveness in your life?

  1. Make a list of frustrations, resentments, grudges and anger and then think about what led to this resentment.

  2. Once you have done this, write down what role you played in that situation.

  3. Is there any part of the story that you still may not understand? Write it down

  4. Now write down what you think you could have done to prevent the situation

  5. Finally write a list of things you have gained knowledge and strength from the situation, what have you learnt from it.

I think it is important to remember that we cannot change the past, only how we allow it to affect us.

Forgiveness is liberating, it frees your mind, body and soul from pain. Practice forgiveness today to yourself and others xx

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