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Daily Habits To Improve Mental Health

This past week has been challenging. There has been a lot of talk in the media about mental health issues and suicidal ideation.

I have spent the past 10 days in isolation in the UK. This country is 2.5 months into a national lockdown. Its Winter, grey, cold and gloomy, and I have my 23-month old son with me.

I have always been sensitive to energies, and I can feel the heaviness of this nation. There are only so many books you can read, at home workouts you can do and meals you can cook before you start to feel trapped. Entertaining a little one who will not sit still and can’t go outside has been extremely testing.

I have always considered myself a positive person. These past two weeks have tested my mental strength. I am action driven, and I have been forced to sit with myself and my thoughts.

What I have learnt this past year, is that we are ALL suffering. Some more than others, and it is our responsibility to help ourselves and others as much as we can.

We need to remove the stigma around mental health and make it a regular conversation. And not just because a celebrity expresses their struggle, but because we need to normalize it. This means checking in with yourself and your loved ones daily to see where you are at? How are you feeling today? What can you do to help shift that mindset?

I have been practicing daily habits to help me through this period. These daily steps may seem simple, but all small things add up to big changes.

  1. Make your bed. This may seem like an obvious one, however so many people are not even getting out of bed during these trying times. By getting up and out of bed, you are starting an action and showing up for yourself.

  2. Get dressed. Actually getting out of your pjs and putting on your workout clothes will encourage you to workout. Wash your hair, put some make up on, make yourself feel worthy by practicing self-care.

  3. Workout for 10 minutes. Just committing to 10 minutes does not feel overwhelming and chances are you will feel like continuing. Your 10-minute workout will possibly turn into a 20-30-minute sweat. Enjoy that instant mood booster.

  4. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. This will help cleanse your system, help improve your mood, reduce headaches and improve exercise performance.

  5. Eat well. Fuel your body with healthy nutritious meals that your body can process and use for energy. Eliminating sugar can keep your blood sugar levels and moods even, and stop them from spiking. Think like a caveman, eat real foods, whole foods, organic where possible.

  6. Talk to your friends or family members daily. So many people have been forced to isolate on their own. Depression, suicidal thoughts and addiction are at an all-time high. Reach out to those who you think may be suffering, and if you are feeling blue, pick up the phone and share with your loved ones. You never know what might be going on behind closed doors. By saying it out loud, you are acknowledging you need help

And finally if you are struggling with mental health issues, please seek professional help. Therapy does wonders.

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