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What is stopping you from living your true potential?

Are you able to identify what blocks are in your way? One of the major blocks I see with a lot of my clients is fear.

Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of abandonment or of the unknown. Do any of these resonate with you?

Fear is a way of resisting change, and often one gets so stuck that they are literally frozen. This past year we have been filled with so much fear. Fear of catching COVID, fear of sending our kids to school in case they get sick, fear of travelling, fear of losing our jobs and businesses, fear of not seeing family and losing connection with friends and the outside world. It is actually so overwhelming and this fear can take control of your thoughts and life.


  1. Identify the fear. Get out your journal and write down your biggest fears, often when you see them down on paper they do not seem that frightening, it takes away their power over you

  2. Acknowledge your fears, but do not let them rule you. Remember you are in control, when you feel the fear, acknowledge them but still continue to move forward

  3. Be in your body. If you feel yourself spinning out of control, take a moment to sit and breathe and connect to your body. Feel the sensations. Become aware of your breath and feel that sense of relaxation flow from your head to your toes.

  4. Talk it out. Often we hold the negative in as we are afraid of what others may think. Vocalizing these thoughts helps get them out of your body and head.

  5. Practice gratitude. When you feel fear, try and change that thought to what you are grateful for. If it is the fear of the unknown, be grateful for the exciting adventure ahead.

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