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How To Navigate Big Transitions

It has been 9 months since my last blog.

Some may call it writers block. For me it was just lack of inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have just been surviving the past two years. Trying to keep my head above water.

There has been so much pressure coming out the other end of COVID. Trying to keep my business alive, and trying to provide socialization for my son, Oscar.

I am writing this from a coffee shop. I dropped Oscar off at preschool for his first full day. I literally froze in my tracks when his teacher said I could return at 3.30pm.

A rush of emotions came over me. I blurted out “what do I do all day?????” Ha! I honesty could not believe it.

I took myself to an Australian coffee shop in Santa Monica, opened my laptop and took a huge breath. Now what?

Then fear set in. I now have to concentrate on myself again. No more excuses, “oh I can’t, I have a toddler at home with me” can no longer leave my lips. What a bizarre feeling. Does this mean he doesn’t need me anymore?

I have longed for a minute to myself, to actually sit down and answer emails, focus on the business or write, without any distractions. To actually be able to think clearly. Over the past 3 years my multi-tasking skills have been perfected.

Oscar has travelled everywhere with me. From the early days laying in his pram whilst I taught, to most recently watching his ipad at the studio whilst I dance with all our BBS beauties.

I have coached so many of my clients through this period in their life. Reminding them to start dreaming again, manifesting again, focusing on themselves again.

Easier said than done, now that I have to apply it to myself.

Here are some of my tips to help with letting go and finding your purpose:

  1. Write a list of 3 goals that you want to achieve. The first one should be a goal that is easily attainable and you can work towards today. The second can be one that you would like to achieve in the next few months, and the third in the next year. Get specific with those goals. Write them down in detail and stick them somewhere that you can see them and always refer back to. I like the fridge door or beside your bed.

  2. Practice self-care. For the past few years, your needs and wants have come last. Taking the time to do something nice for yourself is very powerful. It could be a walk along the beach, a manicure, reading a book, getting a massage, or eating at your favourite restaurant in silence

  3. Take up a new hobby. You now finally have some time on your hands. You can find something that is just for you and no one else. You don’t have to share your time or energy with anyone. Take up tennis, photography, writing, horseback riding...find the joy in your day.

  4. Connect with other parents or friends in your community. Share your stories and tips on letting go and trusting the process. Being able to communicate your feelings with others who are going through the same thing can give you tools that you had not thought of. And give you the chance to laugh, cry and work through emotions.

  5. Allow yourself to dream and manifest again. That can mean focusing on your business, or your job, or partner, or travel plans, anything that you have put on hold. Take a minute each day to sit somewhere quietly and visualise these dreams. See yourself doing these things with ease and happiness. Allow these thoughts to become your reality.

  6. And finally show yourself some grace, I know I will. This is all a process, and this too shall pass.

Love Simone xx

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