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The Cocoon Phase

I was talking to a client the other day about the cocoon phase. The idea of this is so fascinating, and really resonates with me.

What is the cocoon phase I hear you ask?

It is a time to go within, to make space, so you can rebirth and emerge anew. A time when we accept the changes and shifts in our lives, and let go of the old ways and things that are no longer serving us.

I love the idea that in this stage we are seeking a deeper connection to ourselves, our identity and the rest of our lives.

In many ways COVID forced us into a cocoon phase, when we had to surrender the life we were living. I personally felt like I was losing my way and my spark. Everything I had known and worked so hard for was changing. I was constantly making decisions for my family and trying to keep my business alive, and I was often terrified I was making the wrong decision.

The biggest lesson during this phase is that we must learn to trust the process. Learn to truly stop, be still, and tune into a deeper connection with self. This is where the greatest growth happens.

How does this phase relate to our physical and mental health? We all need times in our life where we look within and make changes in our personal and professional lives. A time to focus our attention on letting go of limiting beliefs, toxic patterns and habits that are no longer serving us.


  1. Stop the negative chatter in your head

  2. Let go of relationships or people in your life that no longer serve you

  3. Stop the 'all or nothing' behaviour and focus on consistency

  4. Surrender and trust the process

  5. Love yourself for everything that you are

  6. Visualize and dream of what and who you will be when you emerge

I love the metaphor that we enter into a cocoon as a caterpillar only to emerge a beautiful butterfly and it is not a time of death, but of rebirth.

This time of year, as things are slowing down, is the perfect time to enter into your cocoon phase. I will see you all flying high with your beautiful wings in the New Year.

Love Simone xx

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