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How to Transform Your Life

Transformation comes from within.

Fitness for me, has always been about the connection between mind, body spirit.

Over the past ten years working with clients I have discovered that unless you are willing to shift the emotional blocks, you will never be able to change bad habits or allow yourself to be the best version of you.

Nothing highlighted this more than my time on “Revenge Body” on E!. Each contestant that I worked with had experienced some form of trauma in their life, leading to their lack of self worth and self punishment. Which usually resulted in over eating and lack of physical movement. It is not until we did the inner work that we were then able to start on the physical.

Anyone can give you an exercise program, or you can easily sign up to a diet plan or meal delivery service, but no one can make you do the work.

I use to say to my clients, “I cant come home with you and watch what you eat or listen to how you speak to yourself” only you can do that, only you can make the change.

So how do you begin to make that change I hear you ask? Here are 7 key questions to help you start to examine your behavior.

  1. Self check in: Make a list of what has stopped you in the past. What excuses have you made, what is the story that you tell yourself? Write them all down.

  2. Was there a moment in your life where you stopped trying? Can you pinpoint an event or circumstance that forced you to give up? Write that down

  3. Self worth: Do you truly believe that you are worthy of change? Write down five things that you love about yourself

  4. What are your fears? Do you make decisions based on fear, do you let that fear control you? Write down three of your biggest fears.

  5. Do you struggle to forgive and let go of the past? If so what are you holding onto? Practice forgiveness by forgiving yourself and others. Write down the names of three people you want to forgive.

  6. Are you living your purpose? Do you feel trapped, like you are not living your full potential? Write down your number 1 dream job. What are the steps you can start to make now that will move you closer to this goal, write them down

  7. If you can wave a magic wand and create your dream life, what does it look and feel like? Write that down and be specific

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