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How Long Till I See Results?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that question.

My question to you is, “how do you measure results?’ by your weight on the scales? By how you look in a bikini? Or HOW YOU FEEL?

For years I have shared the message that exercise should be about the “feeling”. When you focus on how you feel after working out, the results will be immediate.

Physical change, like anything in life that takes hard work, takes time. Some see results in two weeks, some two months. Our bodies are all different and our muscles will all respond differently. If you only focus on the number on the scales, or how you look in your selfies, then you are missing an important part of the journey. THE NOW!

I talk to my clients a lot about being present in the moment. Not thinking about tomorrow or yesterday, but right now. We cannot do that if we are obsessed with how we will look in two weeks' time.

There are so many instant results, and I'm sharing some of my favourites. I ask you to focus on these initially and stop obsessing over the end result. Because guess what? When it comes to our health and wellness there is no end result, it is always ongoing. It must become a lifestyle and not a quick fix.

  1. Instant mood boost: You have just finished your workout and all the good endorphins are pumping through your body.

  2. It will give you energy: Immediately following your workout you will feel energised and ready to conquer the day.

  3. Self-love: Working out is a form of self-care. When you have finished your workout you feel accomplished and proud of yourself.

  4. Improved eating habits: Post workout meals are usually healthy. You feel good and want to continue by fueling your body with healthy wholesome meals.

  5. Sleep like a baby: Once the good endorphins have worn off, and you have fueled your body, you naturally want to sleep to repair and rebuild your muscles. You will find your sleep is much deeper.

If you focus on these instant results you will actually enjoy the process. Start today xx

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