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How Do You Continuously Show Up For Yourself?

For the past 10 years as a fitness professional and now most recently as a life coach, I have noticed the same pattern. Most people start off strong, focused on themselves, they have set goals and are eager to get there.

Then something happens along the way, usually at the half way mark.

Perhaps they have plateaued on their journey, or actually realized that it takes a lot of work to make the changes that they want to see. I have realized that it is just human nature, and we all want that instant gratification, especially the world we live in today with social media pressures.

I am so aware of It in all my clients that I can see it coming. I have to reassure them that it is ok to not always feel positive, motivated and operating at 100%. Life gets in the way and presents us with challenges.

So what do we do? Well instead of giving up or procrastinating we must change our thinking and behavior to get back on track.

Here are some of my favorite tips for continuing to show up for yourself:

  1. Stay focused on the end goal. I always ask clients to set a short term and a long term goal as guidance. Its ok if your goal slightly changes, sometimes it does as you discover more things about yourself along the way. The importance is to hold onto a goal and push through to achieve it.

  2. Take a day off: If you feel totally exhausted or running low on steam, then take a break. It’s hard to feel motivated when you are tired. I always suggest at least one day off a week, however take 2 or 3 if need be. Use this time to reset and catch up on sleep. You will be surprised how much better you feel after a good rest day. You will now have the energy to tackle your goal again.

  3. It takes two: It can be hard to self-motivate . I often ask my clients to share their goal with loved ones, and even have them join in. It is very helpful if you have a buddy to help motivate you and share in your highs and lows. And who knows, perhaps you may be the motivator for them.

  4. Practice gratitude: It’s easy to pick yourself apart and think about all the things you do not have. I suggest practicing gratitude for your health and the fact that you can move your body, when so many people cannot. It also puts you in a positive mindset, and reminds you of what really matters. This can be a great motivating factor.

  5. Belong to a community: It is so motivating to see others progress and hear their stories. The Body By Simone community #bbssociety is such a loving environment, and everyone is there to support you and help you along your journey.

  6. And remember, no one is perfect. No one is killing it every day, we all have good and bad days, and days when we just do not feel like it. Be kind to yourself, and know that tomorrow is a new day.

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