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What Do I Eat In A Day?

This is a question I get asked, often!

To be completely honest, I have never really been into fad diets or the latest “cool” trend on the block. If that means I’m not “hip” then so be it. I like to eat real, whole foods - organic whenever possible.

This isn’t to say I’m opposed to any specific approach – I think most have a place for different goals or for people at different points in their lives.

If the primary goal is to lose a lot of weight over a very short period of time then a carb or sugar restricting or excluding diet makes a lot of sense. However, is it: 1) A sustainable way of living in the long-term? And 2) Enjoyable? For me personally, no, not really.

My own philosophy on food is incredibly simple; I eat to fuel my body in the best way possible in line with my personal health and fitness goals. I eat for my perceived output. If my exertion level (daily exercise/activities) is higher than my input (food/drink), I won’t gain excess weight. Put even simpler, input vs output - calories in vs calories burned!

Do I do it every single day? Hell no. Do I do it most days? Yes. It’s completely natural to overindulge occasionally, but on the days I do I will maybe reign it back in for a day or two.

One useful way of relating it, I’ve found, is to use personal finances. Being in the red and black. If you spend a little too much – on a beautiful pair of shoes perhaps, that you couldn’t resist... maybe from an overpriced French fashion brand – over the next few weeks you may watch what you spend. A few less nights out, think twice about your next shoe purchase, and so it goes (that example was from a friends experience by the way, definitely not my own.....).

I do recommend clients listen to their own bodies; eliminate foods that may be causing inflammation in the gut or those packed with what I’d call hidden-sugars. For example a lot of people will drink fruit juices as part of their daily “healthy” lifestyle, yet they contain similar (in some cases more) sugar than a lot of other “unhealthy” foods like fizzy drink or ice cream. Personally, I prefer to eat an actual piece of fruit (old school, I know) – with all the fibre, iron, vitamins, etc. that comes along with it.

Having worked with many female clients and friends over the past 10 years, the sad truth is most women have suffered from some form of eating disorder at some point in their life, to varying degrees.

I don’t claim to be trained as a specialist in eating disorders, but I do know that we have the power to change our thoughts and the way we look at food. I believe in allowing ourselves to eat chocolate or sweets or pizza if we feel like it. I just do not believe in eating it all day, every day. The problem is often we have a bad day of eating and then feel so much guilt about it. And the mentality the next day is, “well whats the point today, I may as well eat poorly like I did yesterday”. This begins the vicious circle of binge, guilt, repeat. We get stuck in this pattern. Rather than enjoying the food at the time without guilt and then the following day making better choices (think back to finances, I spent my quota yesterday), but no guilt. It isn’t helpful.

So I would ask you to look at your relationship to food.

Do you look at a chocolate cake and think yum, I would like to have one piece of that? I will enjoy it and not feel guilty about it? Or do you look at the cake and eat one piece, two pieces, the entire cake, and then beat yourself up for days feeling shameful?

When you eat lean protein and fresh vegetables, how do you feel? Do you feel satisfied, energised, ready for the day ahead? Or is it so alien to you that maybe you have mental block on eating these sort of things? Or perhaps you don’t see or feel immediate results after eating salads for a few days?

I do not want you to compare my food intake to yours, we all have different needs with different amounts of exerted energy. Factors such as: exercise, job, family life.

However, if you are looking for inspiration here are two typical day’s food:

DAY1 – pre morning-exercise

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, turkey breast, avocado, tomatoes and black coffee Mid-morning snack: Protein shake

  • Lunch: A chicken salad sandwich

  • Afternoon snack: chocolate biscuit and a cup of tea

  • Dinner: Chicken, fish, or lean meat with fresh vegetables

DAY2 – post morning-exercise

  • Breakfast: avocado toast, poached eggs, bacon, and coffee with whole milk

  • Mid-morning snack: yogurt with blueberries and raspberries

  • Lunch: A light pasta dish with a protein and al dente vegetables

  • Afternoon snack: handful of nuts/apple

  • Dinner: Chicken, fish, or lean meat with fresh vegetables

Stay tuned for more recipes and meals on my Instagram page Xx

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