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How To Stay Motivated During The Summer Months

You started the year strong. You focused on your health and wellness goals, made new routines and overall were feeling great about your progress...then summer hit and it all went out the window.

How do you stay focused and motivated during the summer months?

Here are some of my favorite tips:

  1. Get your workout in first thing in the morning. This is a great way to start your day, think of it like a morning cup of coffee. It will boost your mood, energize you for the rest of your day and best of all, it’s done, so it will not interfere with your holiday plans.

  2. Include family members in your workouts. It’s always great to have a workout buddy to keep you accountable, better still if it’s your family member. Not only are you setting a good example for your kids and loved ones on the importance of self-care, but you can make it fun and enjoyable. Pick an activity that you all enjoy doing together. Perhaps it’s a hike or going for a swim in the ocean.

  3. If you are traveling, take a jump rope with you. This way there are no excuses that you don’t have access to a gym or workout equipment. You can jump rope anywhere, even the parking lot of your hotel. I have just launched a Body by Simone jump rope that even comes with its own travel bag.

  4. Eat healthy salads and grill outside to get your protein. When it’s hot out you often want to eat something light. There are so many delicious salads you can make and add a healthy lean protein that you can put on the grill. My latest obsession is my watermelon salad, so easy to make and so refreshing. Watermelon, Feta cheese, pistachio nuts, olive oil and some mint.

  5. Replace an alcoholic drink with sparkling water. Summertime means lots of social gatherings and this often means the social pressure of drinking alcohol. I believe everything is good in moderation, but social drinking can get out of hand sometimes. I always recommend ordering a sparkling water with lime, that way it looks like a vodka or gin and tonic. Once you survive the first round, its actually easy to keep up with the water, and best of all you feel hydrated and fabulous the next day.

  6. If the wheels fall off for a few days or even a week, be kind to yourself and show yourself some grace. Acknowledge that you allowed yourself some time off, but then get back into your routine again. The longer you leave it and let time pass, the harder it is to get back into it.

Happy Summer xx

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