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How to Release Emotional Blocks

When you experience emotional pain, do you try to suppress, avoid or sweep it under the rug? Do you try to distract from your feelings by over eating, drinking alcohol or taking drugs?

You may not be consciously aware of these blocks, but chances are there are some deeply buried emotions inside of you that hold you back from living to your true potential.

Unresolved emotions can get trapped in our body and create toxicity and effect our overall well-being.

I believe that you can release some of these emotions through movement, meditation and massage. It is important to begin to identify what those blockages are for you and then learn to release them.

  1. Identify: Try to identify the emotion first, then allow yourself to feel it in your body. I suggest sitting quietly and practicing stillness. Be aware of where you feel the emotion in your body, sit in it, feel it, accept it without judgement.

  2. Express the emotion: Dance it out! Emotions need to be expressed to be processed. Helping them move through your body. My favorite way to do this is to dance. Dance is fun and joyous, creative and expressive. Put on some loud music, take a Body By Simone dance cardio class, or simply dance around you living room. Remember no judgement, just expression!

  3. Release the emotion: Get a massage. (If you ever needed an excuse to treat yourself to a massage, now would be a good time.) Having a massage can actually release stored emotions in your body. By releasing the physical blockage, you can help release the emotional.

If you find that these tools bring up some deep emotional issues that you feel are too overwhelming, please seek professional help x

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