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It’s September and that means the end of Summer and back to work and school. It feels slightly different this year though, COVID has made an impact.

I have found humans work best when we have structure and routine. I know I do. Bizarrely, busy people get more done as they have to schedule in between meetings and calls, rather than putting off something till later.

I definitely believe in working smarter not harder, which means being prepared and organised and not leaving things to chance or the last minute.

Here are some of my favourite ways to run your day and not let your day run you:

  1. Meal prep: I talk about this one a lot. If you buy in bulk and then set aside one day to do the majority of your cooking, then you can put it in containers, freeze it and have it ready to go. This way you are making the most of your time and also setting yourself up for successful healthy eating.

  2. Schedule your emailing: I love this one, and was actually inspired by Richard Branson. As we have access to our phones and devices 24/7, we are literally on call via email and text. We have been taught to instantly reply. Try setting a time once or twice a day to sit down and respond to all of them at once. Rather than taking 8 hours to answer a few emails an hour, try getting them all done in one solid hour. This has been a game changer for me since becoming a Mother.

  3. Schedule your workouts: I recommend all my clients book in their weekly workouts the weekend before. Once you have committed and signed up, it is in your diary, and you work your day around them. This way it becomes a non-negotiable. It's booked in and you are going.

  4. Have a cut off time: Choose a time that you stop working, perhaps that's 5.30pm, perhaps its sooner if working from home and you have kids. Step away from your device and be present with your loved ones.

  5. Allow yourself grace: This one is my favourite. We can only do what is physically possible. If you run out of time today, there is always tomorrow. The world will not end if you do not answer that final email. Set your own boundaries and respect them

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